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8/9/2011 Dear Dr. Joiner, I have successfully completed an application for your MSW program hoping to enter this fall. Although I meet all of the criteria my application has been denied on false claims. One of the suggestions was to take some extra classes not degree related and get a B or better, which I must point out I only had a 30 credit major and just one minor. The rest of my classes were taken out of my personal quest for knowledge including a number of religion, sociology and philosophy classes. As I count I can see at least 15 credits non-degree with the letter grade of B or better. The second recommendation was to get a professor non-degree to write a recommendation. I was advised by Dr. Van Eeden-Moorfield, Central’s HDFS Graduate Program Coordinator, to use references that I have taken multiple classes with to ensure a good
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Unformatted text preview: recommendation and reference. So, I chose professors that knew me well including 2 of Central’s HDF program directors and my counseling professor from the psychology program. I am not sure why I would be taking multiple classes with the same professors outside of my field but if you would like a reference outside of my field I can get one, just let me know how to submit it. I am very interested in your program and would greatly appreciate a second opinion on my application. If it is a question of grades I would even be thrilled to be admitted on a probationary period so I can get the chance to prove myself. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Autumn Constance [email protected] 989-980-9799...
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