Badham and Hicks

Badham and Hicks - Death must inevitably be experienced by...

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Death must inevitably be experienced by every person on this planet. What happens after we die continues to be a controversy across different religions and cultures. Some believe we transfer into some type of afterlife while others believe we are reincarnated and born into another being on the earth. We will be discussing the viewpoint of resurrection or replica in this essay presented by John Hick. In opposition to Hick’s theory of replication Linda Badham’s argument will be presented explaining that the continuation of the soul is impossible without the body. I support the principle of continuity in thinking that physical continuity is required to determine if somebody is the same person. In the essay “Problems with Accounts of Life After Death” Badham explains four reasons supporting the argument against life after death. She begins with the problem of resurrecting the body or flesh and advances into “the replica problem”. After explaining the replica problem Badham continues on explaining the continuity of the soul. Badham ends by giving arguments against near-death experiences, which is thought to provide evidence for the existence of a soul that can survive after death. The beginning of Badhams' argument is against the resurrection of the body or flesh. She states that early Christians thought that the same flesh of Jesus was resurrected and given life after death. They believed that the parts of a person’s body were restored in the afterlife, which is why early Christians worried about cannibals getting to the dead bodies and distorting the flesh. Badham thinks this idea of resurrection is outdated due to the fact that scientifically we now know that the atoms of the body change within a relatively short period of time. The second argument Badham presents is dealing with the resurrection of the body transformed and the “replica problem”. This is the argument against Polkinghorne’s view of resurrection which takes the modern view that resurrection is the replica of one’s body restored
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in the afterlife. Badham answers the thought of replication by giving a hypothetical situation on
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Badham and Hicks - Death must inevitably be experienced by...

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