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Ch 13 outline *Battering in close relationships -dating violence -husbands abusing wives -psychological and emotional abuse -wife murder for money or honor -violence in lesbian couples -explaining partner abuse *sex selective abortions, infanticide and systematic neglect of girls, torture, prostitution, trafficking *A global problem -dowry deaths -spouse battering -sexual harassment -rape -honor killing *dating violence -violence is a part of an estimated 20% of dating relationships in the U.S. -sometimes women stay in the relationship because they think the violence means the man really cares Rape: 12% of high school girls, 6% of males -RAPE MOST OFTEN PERFORMED BY CLASSMATE, FRIEND OR AQUANTINCE
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Unformatted text preview: Stalking: repeated and must create fear Stalking on college campuses-42.5% bfs, 24.5 % classmate, 10% acquaintance 64% of women on campuses have experienced either physical or sexual assault 51% of women have been physically assaulted in their lifetime Chapter 14 *lessons from Linda-availability of birth control-leaderly learning-must like and feel good about self; have self-confidence and self-knowledge…to be a good leader *obstacles in leadership-lack of awareness-anxiety (fear of expression)-negative self-talk-verbal deficit (you must prepare)-behavioral deficit (find and practice comfortable ways of being with others)...
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