drug abuse project

drug abuse project - The growing drug and alcohol problem...

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The growing drug and alcohol problem is sweeping the nation. Starting in the cities and spreading to the rural areas individuals of all ages are being affected. Parents are struggling to protect their children as their own parents fight the battle involving prescription drugs. I’m going to discuss with you prevention, risk, effects, rehab, withdrawal and the choice to start a new life. Prevention: There are community based programs such as the CSPA or the center for substance abuse prevention that promote prevention. These types of programs promote education and support for people at high risk. These programs hold clinics and meetings to reach out to students in high schools. There is some resistance in communities for substance abuse education in schools. Studies show that education before peer pressure will influence first time use and addiction but the education must take place at a younger age. Some parents and critics believe education will just bring drugs into the schools and don’t want their children educated. Educating people on the effects and damage caused by a drug or alcohol prevention can reduce the prevalence of use. People are less likely to try to use drugs if they know the physical, mental and emotional side effects. Addiction tears families apart and this can be seen in communities all over the United States. If we can teach children about the drugs and their processes and show them the detrimental side effects abuse can have on families and communities was can help them to make that choice when the peer pressure is inflicted. Hands on parenting or authoritative parenting are shown to reduce the risk of adolescents using drugs, alcohol or tobacco. This includes knowing your Childs parents and whereabouts and inflicting curfews. Regulations on phone use, internet use, television and video games are also shown too latent the onset of negative peer influence. Supporting and encouraging your
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child can help to boost their self esteem so that peers cannot easily influence them to partake in criminal behavior including not only drug use but other delinquent criminal acts. Making rules and trying to be understanding of the struggle for independence can create strong relationships between children and parents making positive relationships reducing risk and exposure. Who is at higher risk? Developing adolescents are at the highest risk of developing a substance abuse problem. This is a period of experimental behavior and new found independence. Some drugs force dependency within the first few experiments pulling young adults into early addiction with the onset of long term effects. Being high risk is influenced by heritance, environments and phenotypic factors. Substance abuse can sometimes be predicted by genetics.
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drug abuse project - The growing drug and alcohol problem...

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