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drug paper citation

drug paper citation - the onset of substance use in a...

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Citations Chevat, R. (2004). Prescription for disaster. Current Health 2 , 31 (3), Drug rehabilitation . (n.d.). Retrieved from www.wikipedia.com Golder, S, Gillmore, M, Spieker, S, & Morriosn, D. (2005). Substance use, related problem behaviors and adult attachment in a sample of high risk older adolescent women. Journal of Child and Family Studies , 14 (2), Malow, R. (2006). History of traumatic abuse and HIV risk behaviors in severely mentally ill substance abusing Adults . Journal of Family Violence , 21 (2), McCauley, C, & Hesselbrock, V. (2008). A Comparison of three vulnerability models for
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Unformatted text preview: the onset of substance use in a high-risk sample. J Stud Alcohol Drugs , 69 (1), Miller, R. (2009). Advancing understanding of drug addiction and treatment. Science Scope , 32 (6), Winslow, B. (2007). Methamphetamine abuse. American Family Physician , 76 (8), Wolfsberg, J. (2006). Integrating Underage Drinking and Drug use Prevention. The Education Digest , 72 (3), Wright, D, & Fitzpatrick, K. (2004). Psychosocial Correlates of Substance use Behaviors among African American Youth. Adolescence , 39 (156),...
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