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Autumn Constance Research Methods 12/4/09 Ethics and Morals in Research Ethics have been an issue in science for years. The idea that scientists and psychologists should be doing research according to ethical guidelines and morals is prevalent among researchers and institutions alike. Morals are principles that define what is right and wrong. Ethics is the process of looking at and studying how we should apply morals in different situations. There are guidelines set by APA standard for ethics as well as the Institutional Review Board which reviews all research done on humans and animals. These morals principles are what set the standard for ethical code. They are there to address the well being of others and transcend standards including self interest. They are also constant and known as universal throughout culture which make them impartial. These moral guidelines tell us what is right and wrong. These principles need to be used in all research for the sake of the participants and the research. The ethical code of conduct is a set of rules established for researchers. For example the APA has a set of ethical codes for its members which they agree upon and must follow. Utilitarianism believes that the goal of research is to maximize happiness. This may cause researchers to outweigh the benefits of a study and jeopardize the well being of its participants. This type of research causes alarm due to the fact you may not really know the results of the experiment or the significance because it’s hard to define terms such as discomfort and happiness.
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This also ties in with participants rights. You have participants sign forms for this reason. All participants should be treated equal and be given equal rights. These moral codes such as the formulation of the categorical imperative, requires researchers to respect their participants and
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ethics - Autumn Constance Research Methods Ethics and...

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