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Autumn Constance Psy 350 3/30/10 Man’s search for meaning written by Viktor Frankl was one of the best books I have had the privilege to have come across. It wasn’t an account of events that he was writing about; it was his feeling and reactions to the world around him. The strive to hope and the strive to live and the everyday struggle just to maintain these. Thank you so much for asking us to read this book. It has really given me some hope through all the bad things that have been going on in my life recently. After reaching the concentration camp Auschwitz, the initial shock starts to set in. They are forced to leave their baggage in the train and go through the first of the selections. Viktor makes it through while more than half of the others on the train and sent to the crematory. Then they were forced to surrender the remaining of their possessions. The guards are awkwardly nice for no real reason which confused me as well as Viktor. It didn’t really make sense to me that they would act kind knowing they would get all of their valuables either way. Another group of people that really confused me was the Capo. This was a group of prisoners who worked with the SS to control the other prisoners. These men treated the prisoners even worse on occasion than the guards. It occurred to me that these situations happen in regular society as well. You often see displays of this type of conduct in the work place. Sometimes at the casino I see fellow co-workers treating other employees with less respect and more
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responsibility then our actual bosses. It’s almost as if because they are one of the same they hold the others at a higher expectation. I understand that in the camps everyone’s main goal was to strive to live. Each and every prisoner was focused on their own struggle and survival. I just couldn’t imagine working in the gas chambers or crematories knowing that you’re helping kill thousands of people and that the same fate awaits me. I suppose my strive to preserve all life mine or others is a little too strong for that type of work. It’s within the first few nights that Viktor comes to the conclusion that a man can get used to anything. He came to this conclusion first because of the sleeping conditions. Everybody slept on their sides sharing two blankets per fifteen men with no pillows. When I started thinking about these phenomena I came to the conclusion that we are very spoiled. I sleep with my window open and fan on and would consider myself a light sleeper. Other aspects that brings Viktor to believe this is his health.
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frankl - Autumn Constance Psy 350 3/30/10 Mans search for...

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