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grad school PIS - Social work is a field filled with...

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Social work is a field filled with opportunity. You are never tied down to just one specific population or group and the sky is the limit. This is the reason I have chosen social work as my profession. Even as a young teen I knew that I wanted to help people. I was always heavily involved in programs such as 4-H and exploration days from the time I was just six. As I grew older the program served a different purpose than just social. I was no longer the little girl needing help cinching my saddle, I was the young woman coaching and helping all of the younger kids. I loved leading those trail rides every summer and taking care of my camp kids. As time went on I realized this program did more for me and the children then just teach us how to ride and do arts and crafts. It gave us education and taught us about giving back to the community and making goals. Even then I knew I wanted to help children strive for the top by being supportive and just being there for them, in the end that’s all anyone really needs. As I’ve gotten older my horizons for volunteering have changed. What started off as me picking up garbage on the side of the road and leading handicapped children around the ring on my pony surprisingly turned into something that I could potentially do for a living. It just seems that wherever I am putting my effort in there are people on the other side gracious for your time and services. Those people that just need a little help to get them back on their feet are the ones with the softest smiles and the biggest hearts. That, my friend, is what I am dedicated to. I refuse to choose a profession where I do accounting all day or plan marketing strategies or be a lawyer as my family always planned on me being. I want to be able to help people see the light at the end of the tunnel in these hard times and I believe that pursuing a career in social work will help me in my journey. With my Masters in Social work I plan on starting my career in foster care or Juvenile half-way houses. I would really like to work with high risk youth. This may include youth that
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have been sexually or physically abused, youth that have been removed from their homes, youth that have stumbled into the juvenile system or youth that are overcoming drug addictions. Even though I am not quite sure of which field I would like to enter I know what target population I would like to work with and I can start off there and see where that leads me. I am also positive
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