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Hamby There are three main ways to look at Intimate Partner violence. Partner violence is a problem involving mostly male violence against females pg. 24 -idea that females perpetrate less than 10% of incidents Men and women are equally violent -females account for 50% or more of accounts Gender patterns can be characterized as moderate asymmetry and fit into broader contexts such as personality, behavior and relationships. Pg. 32 There are no forms of violence that show gender parity besides sexual. For women no forms of nonsexual violence incidents less than 10% pg. 25 Women assault 10-25% Females have higher rates of protective services charges Approx. 20-35% of non-sexual offences are committed by women Research shows women are fighting and not just fighting back -not shown to be self-defense or a fight for power pg. 28 There are problems with the research that make data flawed or incomplete. Most research based on youth (college students) pg. 27
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