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Autumn Constance Final Project #3 Instructions to participants: The program we will be using today is called PsychMate. The program will present detailed instructions before the experiment starts. You will be performing timed exercises. The first round will be a practice trial. After passing the criterion for the practice round the experiment will start. Debriefing : This study measures your reaction time to the task. The purpose of this experiment is to analyze data involving selective attention. I am interested in knowing how close a distraction must be to a target to cause increased reaction time in responding to the target. Procedure: The participant will be given the consent form and may choose to sign. The consent form will have instruction and explain the study.
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Unformatted text preview: After the consent form is signed the instructions will be presented to the participant. The PsychMate program will be started and to the correct screen to begin the study. Detailed instructions will be presented on the PC to complete the practice portion of the experiment. Once the criterion is met the participant will continue on to the actual experiment. After the experiment is completed I will debrief the participants on the purpose of the study and thank them for their participation. The data will be collected in the PsychMate program where I will access it after the participant has left. Data Collection Sheet Type of Noise (factor B) Spacing of noise none congruent Neutral incongruent (Factor A) 1 space 3 spaces 8 spaces...
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