james vs clifford

james vs clifford - The life long question is presenting...

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The life long question is presenting itself again, not for the first time, and most certainly not for the last. To believe or not to believe. Some of us practice religion in quant and quiet churches while others meditate by the sea. On the other hand there are those who choose to sit promptly on the fence line just waiting for something muraculos to happen to them in their life, never knowing either way and never trusting themselves or their faith or reason enough to make a decision. Either way, I believe the choice is yours and that seeking the truth is what drives humans to look for what’s behind the horizon. Error is found in all things, to avoid it is to avoid the sun. We as humans learn from our mistakes and being wrong is a wager that we must take in situations every day in order to grow into the strong individuals we all strive to be. In the argument “The Will to Believe”, James argues that our primary duty is to seek out the truth. To seek out the truth of an option James believed that the option must have three components. The first, was that it was a living option. In saying this James was referring to cultural devides and religious affiliations. For example is you are born and raised in the United
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james vs clifford - The life long question is presenting...

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