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life course perspective

life course perspective - the person is raised and lives...

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Autumn Constance HDF 418 T-Th 2-3:15 2/1/10 Life Course Theory Life course perspective is also sometimes referred to as the life course theory. This approach was developed in the mid 1960’s and is used in analyzing people’s lives. This perspective searches within structural, social and contexts to examine an individual’s history. In examining the history of an individual you can see how earlier events can influence future decisions. These decisions can range from topics such as morals, ethics, marriage and divorce down to simple things like product choices or cleaning habits. The life course method looks into observing outside factors. These include things such as history, sociology, demography, development, biology and economic conditions. The theory also focuses on the connection between a person’s historical and socioeconomic context in which
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Unformatted text preview: the person is raised and lives. The theory also reflects the combination of social and historical factors with individual development. Life course is defined as a sequence of socially defined events and roles that the individual takes over their life span. The theory also explains that events and roles in a person’s life don’t necessarily happen in a specific order but instead constitute the entire persons experience. We use this theory in family studies to help understand individuals. The thought that problems arise not only from the individual but from outside influences will help us to understand the issues better. Many problems arise from socioeconomic troubles and many morals are manifested by the family of the person. To fully understand a person you must understand where they come from and how they live....
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life course perspective - the person is raised and lives...

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