m interview - Parent Interview Parent: M Age: 49 Marital...

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Parent Interview Parent: M Age: 49 Marital Status: single Children/ages: 2 children, girl 21, boy 27 Models, Theories and Strategies: What type of discipline did you use with your children? Did the type of discipline you used change with the age of the child? Did you and your partner agree with the ways you disciplined? Different with first child, the discipline was one sided.  He was more trouble.  I was always  trying to change his behavior.  Daughter was more of just trying to guide in a different  direction.  This changed with age my sons discipline was taken over by the courts when he  was a teenager.  With younger daughter more compromises as she became older.  My partner  and I did not agree with discipline regarding son or daughter. How do you think you childhood affected your views on parenting? Both of my parents were alcoholics so lots of negativity in the household and No  encouragement.  I tried to be an honest parent and follow through with my promises  because my parents didn’t Are there any historical issues that have affected your parenting? How did you deal with being a parent during 9/11 and the current war? During these times it was just my job to try to help them to understand what was going on.  They were scared. Would you consider yourself an authoritative, authoritarian or permissive parent? All of the above, it depends on what day you catch me. Did you monitor your child’s privileges such as internet use, TV or telephone? No I did not Was it important to you that you knew where your children were and who they were with? How did this change as the child grew into adolescence and into early adult hood? Yes, I always knew who my children were hanging out with.  I still know their good friends  but it changes because you have to let go as they get older. You have to let go and believe  that they will make the right decisions. How did your characteristics and the characteristics of your children affect your parenting
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m interview - Parent Interview Parent: M Age: 49 Marital...

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