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Autumn Constance Make-Up assignment 1. Summarize the purpose and hypotheses of the study. There were three studies ran to examine issues related to threat and challenge appraisals and their physiological responses. Study 1 examined whether the threat and challenge appraisals and responses could be effected by using sets of instructions to emphasize aspects of threat or challenge in the experience. The hypothesis expected that the instructions emphasizing threat or challenge would produce threat-related or challenge-related cognitive appraisals and physiological responses. Studies 2 and 3 hypothesized that threat and challenge appraisals follow from patterns of physiological activation. In the studies physiological reactions consistent with challenge and threat were used and the effects of these manipulations on cognitive appraisal were examined. Manipulations of physiological activation to affect cognitive appraisals was not expected. 2. Summarize the overall conclusions (see 'General Discussion').
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