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observation 1 - did get a little emotional. The interviewer...

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Autumn Constance Psy 350 1/28/10 Observation 1 I choose to do my observation on the interview of Hilary Swank on the show 60 minutes. The goal of the interview was just to explain and go into the life of Hilary so people could better understand the star. I believe the goal of Hilary and 60 minutes was much alike. The interviewer and Hilary did connect on some level. At some point when she was talking about her family she
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Unformatted text preview: did get a little emotional. The interviewer had a good approach mostly just factual based and I wouldn’t mind being interviewed by him. The interviewer had good use of questions and kept the interview flowing. He was very encouraging and was empathetic when Hilary was upset. Over all I think the interviewer did an excellent job and therefore the interview was successful....
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