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Observation #2 1. Our reasoning for conducting interviews in class are to use the skills we are learning every day. So the goal of the interviewer is to figure out how to ask questions and keep the conversation going without having a normal conversation like we normally would. This can be quite hard sense we have recently been working on giving options without giving advice and I find it a little difficult. The goal of our patient really is to just give the interviewer something to work with. We usually choose topics that we are stressed about so sometimes it does feel good to talk to another student about the troubles we are having with school or relationships. 2. The people in our group don’t really connect, in fact it can be somewhat awkward sometimes. This is probably because I am always in the weird group and sometimes we don’t get to have an observer. Although, we do connect when we talk about school related issues. During one session one of the students was talking about their concerns
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