parent b - Parent Interview Parent B Age 42 Marital Status...

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Unformatted text preview: Parent Interview Parent: B Age: 42 Marital Status: Single, Cohabitating Children/ages: 2 girls, 22 and 10 Models, Theories and Strategies: What type of discipline did you use with your children? Did they type of discipline you used change with the age of the child? Did you and your partner agree with the type of ways you disciplined? I use mostly time outs. I have never believed in spanking and both of my children were fairly good. My current partner and I agree on discipline more than my original partner and I. Discipline does change with age because there is only so much you can threaten once they approach early adulthood. How do you think your childhood affected your views of parenting? My childhood was a little rough. My father was an alcoholic and beat my mother and us kids. I promised I wouldn’t let my daughters witness or grow up in a home like that. I wanted them to feel loved and respected. Are there any historical issues that have affected your parenting? How did you deal with being a parent during 9/11 and the current war? My youngest wasn’t even a year old yet but the older daughter was very frightened. I remember they sent them home from school and she called me at work freaking out thinking the house was going to get bombed. Would you consider yourself an authoritative, authoritarian or permissive parent? I would consider myself more of an authoritative parent now. When I was younger I was more of a permissive parent and I think I gave my daughter too much freedom as teen. Did you monitor your child’s privileges such as internet use, TV or telephone? I did not with my first daughter but I do now with my second. She is only allowed to watch up to PG movies and we don’t have cable or internet in the house. Was it important to you that you knew where your children were and who they were with? How did this change as the child grew into adolescence and into early adult hood? I always knew who they were with. My older daughter got a lot more freedom and I didn’t always know where she was but she did have a curfew and this was before everybody had cell phones. I always know where my younger daughter is....
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parent b - Parent Interview Parent B Age 42 Marital Status...

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