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Autumn Constance HDF 301 4/9/10 Parenting Interview Project I conducted my interview of two somewhat similar parents. These families struggle with some of the same problems. Both families have at least one adult child and in both families the eldest has caused serious relationship problems within the family. These families are of lower middle economic status and have both endured times of poverty. In my project I am looking at the correlation between lower economic status and substance abuse. I am also looking at how being raised in a single parent family with permissive parents can lead to substance abuse problems and trouble with the court systems. In this project we will be discussing the parenting from two different perspectives. One is a man who raised his son who is age twenty seven and his daughter age twenty one as a single father. The other is a mother who raised her older daughter of twenty two by herself and is currently cohabitating with her youngest daughter of ten’s father. Both interviews were done in the setting of the parent’s home. Difficulties I incurred conducting the interview often came from the deeper questions related to substance abuse due to the fact both parents are family members. The beginning of my interview focused on the parenting models, theories and strategies these parents used in raising and parenting their children. Both parents said that they did not believe in hitting their children and that discipline was often time outs or taking away privileges. Parent M did say that the discipline was mostly one sided and that he and his previous spouse did not share the same morals as far as discipline.
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Both of the parents interviewed said that their childhood greatly affected the way they raised their children. These parents were both raised in families with both parents being alcoholics with as history of domestic violence. Parent M stated that this experience made him want to be more honest with his children due to the fact his childhood was full of broken promises and excuses. Parent B said it affected her enough for her to make a vow that her daughters “would never witness or grow up in a home like that.” The parents did not have much to say about the effect of 9/11 on their children although both said they had to explain what was happening because the children of age were scared and felt threatened. I discussed the differences between authoritarian, authoritative and permissive parents. After explaining in detail I asked which the parents considered themselves. Parent M stated that it really depended on what day you were observing because he carried characteristics of all three. Parent B described that with her first daughter she had been a permissive parent and that it had had negative consequences on her oldest daughter. This had persuaded her to change to an authoritarian type of parent enforcing more rules and boundaries than previously. Continuing with rules and guidelines I asked the parents if they had monitored their
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parent project - Autumn Constance HDF 301 Parenting...

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