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Intro For my personal project I have decided to make a collection of thoughts of secrets. This has been inspired by postsecret which is a website and set of books where people anonymously send their secrets on postcards where they are presented on the website every Sunday. These secrets are meant to be inspirational and let people know they are not alone. I will collect secrets along with songs and pictures throughout the semester that reflect how im feeling. I will be presenting them as my personal project for the semester. Outro Dr. Hartshorne This project has helped me more than you can imagine throughout the semester. Every time I reflected my feelings or thoughts I wrote down a secret.
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Unformatted text preview: It was kind of funny because when I was finished I had secrets everywhere including in my planner and on my calendar. Writing down my thoughts on paper felt amazing. This semester has truly had some traumatic events and taking the time to just color or listen to music really helped me cope with the stress and the depression. Each secret means something dear to me and I really hope you enjoyed reading them. Thank you so much for making us do a personal project because I believe you must know yourself before you can try and make someone else see who they are and that’s what this project did for me. I feel like I found what I had lost and I thank you from the bottom of my heart....
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