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personality journal - Autumn Constance Psy 340 12/1/09...

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Autumn Constance Psy 340 12/1/09 Personality Journal Being this is the last personality journal I will be discussing the final category in the personality test, agreeableness. I must admit I was somewhat surprised to see that I had scored above average. This isn’t because I don’t think I am an agreeable person but I will admit I don’t think I come across to people as agreeable. The facets are things I think my personality highly supports but the whole concept of agreeableness doesn’t make much sense to me. I will also admit I am not empathetic in the smallest way. As I said being I was surprised at scoring a 6.55 in this category I did some research. I believe I am accommodating in social situations and all of this. When I think of agreeableness I think of my favorite book pride and prejudice and the main character Jane and how she wasn’t considered very agreeable. Perhaps I never thought of myself as agreeable because I always felt Jane and I were very similar. Somewhat outspoken for a lady and a little mischievous. The first facet of agreeableness is warmth. I scored a 6.71. I do consider myself a warm and inviting person. I have always been the girl to invite others along and try to make everyone feel special. This throws a lot of other people off, but I have gathered some very unique friends
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personality journal - Autumn Constance Psy 340 12/1/09...

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