psychology of women

psychology of women - The Image of American Women...

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The Image of American Women Autumn Constance Psy 334 9/29/10 Today in the media women have been being portrayed in an array of fashions. In advertisement women are sometimes seen as mothers, students, teachers, professionals, fashion icons and sadly even sex icons or objects. The type of advertisement and the target audience largely affects the image of the people used in the advertisement. Variations can include camera
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tilt, costume arrangements, makeup and hairstyles and, lighting. These variations can have a significant effect on the image presented to the public in a positive or a negative way. In advertisements for products made for women images portray softness in the context of baby products, health care and certain beauty products. In advertisement geared towards sales to men women are more likely to be portrayed as sex objects or submissive beings. I choose an advertisement for a well-known fashion clothing line named Dolce and Gabbana. In the photo a woman is seen lying on the ground in a short black dress in stiletto heels.
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psychology of women - The Image of American Women...

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