Wednesdays discussion raised some questions in me

Wednesdays discussion raised some questions in me - live...

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Wednesdays discussion raised some questions in me. Pertaining to the song chosen for the day and the piece written by Pascal, I felt very confused. I am not sure it is appropriate to have romantic feelings towards god as you do lovers. I’m not sure that anybody should be your reason to live except for you. Another problem I have is with the submission to someone’s will. I just feel that these types of relationships could be unhealthy. The thought that you could not
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Unformatted text preview: live without someone is inheirently unhealthy to me as a psychology major. I can understand believing that god gave you life persay, which may or may not be true. Dont the parents of the offspring create you just as much a god does? Would it be appropriate to say you could not live without your parents? Even knowing that your parents will probably pass away before your life ends? Most of us will lose our fathers before we reach the end of our lives....
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