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welfare fraud - our people in this country especially the...

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Do you see ‘spending down’ to Medicaid eligibility as welfare fraud? Why or why not? Do you believe elders have a ‘right to leave an inheritance’ which may obligate the State to pay for long term care? Do you believe that funding of long term care should be treated similarly to health care? Why or why not? Please just type up a few thoughts on each of these questions and bring it to class on Tuesday. Thanks. Karen Concerning eligibility for welfare I do not consider “spending down” to be fraud. If someone needs assistance I think they should be granted assistance. Its not right that elderly needing assistance are being denied because they aren’t in poverty. We need to be taking care of
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Unformatted text preview: our people in this country especially the elderly. They should’t have to be in poverty conditions to get assistance if they have disabilities, this is just wrong. If they have to cover or separate their assets to get assistance then I say they should do it. On the other hand I do not believe that elders have a right to leave an inheritance. If they have the money to support themselves then they shouldn’t take advantage of the system. This sounds like family members being selfish in believing they shouldn’t have to take care of their elder family members and believing they have rights to money when they die. If you cant even take care of them then why should they leave you money?...
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