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Kern Family - Case Study Application The Kern Family As an...

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Case Study Application The Kern Family As an intern for the Community Helping Agency, your job is to help families connect with resources when they are experiencing a crisis. You do this by contacting Federal, State, and local agencies and find the best fit for the needs of the family. The Kern family had just experienced several stress events and have had their resources tapped-out. Mr. Kern lost his job two weeks ago and doesn’t know what to do. He is 62 years old and is afraid he will not get another job. He had worked for Ford’s at their assembly plant for 23 years until they closed the plan due to budget cuts. Mrs. Kern worked part-time in several jobs but hasn’t really accumulated any retirement savings but has earned enough to draw a small amount of social security. Mrs. Kern has arthritis and diabetes which requires her to take medications that can be very expensive. She also has bi-weekly doctor visits and she is concerned how they will pay for these things.
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