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CORRECTED Tuition Statement (keep for your records) Copy B For Student This is important tax information and is being furnished to the Internal Revenue Service. FILER’S name, street address, city, state, ZIP code, and telephone number 3 STUDENT’S social security number FILER’S federal identification no. Street address (including apt. no.) 2 City, state, and ZIP code 9 Service Provider/Acct. No. (see instr.) STUDENT’S name Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service Form 1098-T 10 Form 1098-T OMB No. 1545-1574 Ins. contract reimb./refund If this box is checked, your educational institution has changed its reporting method for 2009 Amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses Payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses 1 $ $ 4 Adjustments made for a prior year 6 Adjustments to scholarships or grants for a prior year $ 7 $ 5 Scholarships or grants $ Checked if the amount in box 1 or 2 includes amounts for an academic period beginning January - March 2010 ± 8 Checked if at least half-time student Checked if a graduate student $ 20 09 Instructions for Student An eligible educational institution, such as a college or university in which you are enrolled, and an insurer who makes reimbursements or refunds of qualified tuition and related expenses to you must furnish this statement to you. You, or
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