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danielles lit review

danielles lit review - There are many things that challenge...

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There are many things that challenge youth today, but some youth come from situations that some people could not imagine, from broken homes to know homes at all. From being abandoned to being in a gang, there are a lot of things that can stand in their way of becoming successful. Children that come from these situations are sometimes labeled as at-risk-youth. From the article, Through the Lens of the Adolescent: A Survey of At-Risk Behaviors, There is an increase in the number of youth that are labeled at risk. Some behaviors that are making them at risk are being involved in things that can harm them or others. Also, when they do things can affect their health, and when their behaviors and actions can potentially affect their adult life, and then they can be labeled at risk youth, (Ahmann, 2007). Keeping a child from becoming at risk is something that seems so simple. When children have a stable environment with structure and discipline they are more likely to comply with the rules. When they have someone who cares and keeps them accountable for their actions, they have a better chance of overcoming that fate. Minority children need a little more assistance due to where some grow up. They are more prone to have lower socioeconomic status which makes them more vulnerable to being at risk. When they have a lower socioeconomic status they are more likely faced with more risks. (Ou and Reynolds, 2008) When children do not have a stable environment they are more likely to engage in risky behavior. They do not understand the consequences of their actions because more than likely no one has ever taught them, (Ahmann, 2007). When they do not have a positive role model or they are abandoned, that most likely will result in an at risk youth. They go off of what they know, which are their own morals and values, or what they have learned from their peers, whom are also at risk youth. Which, that obviously is not a good situation, and it creates a bad situation for everyone involved. They create the ideal situation for themselves, and it is not always the right
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one. Most of the time they don’t have any positive role models so they don’t have anything to model themselves around. Once they have this label, of at risk youth, it is very hard for them to shake this stigma, (Ahmann, 2007).
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danielles lit review - There are many things that challenge...

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