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reading chart 1 - The family In western nations higher...

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The family In western nations higher percentages of people marry than a century ago Total number of years spent in a marriage is higher than any time in history People are taught to accept rules and obligations through childhood socialization Early writing suggest society loses its strength if people don’t fulfill family obligations -ex. proper relations between ruler and subject is like that between father and children, emphasis in the old testament, poetry and novels subthemes on family relations Utopias: Plans for societies that might be created in which new family roles and obligations offer solutions to traditional social problems Plato’s republic: tie between parents and children eliminated with approved conception and rearing by designated people Oneida, shakers, Mormons and communes insist that changes in family relations were necessary to achieve their goals New constitutions in less developed countries are aimed at creating new family patterns more in conformity with the leaders’ views of equality and justice and eliminate traditional family systems Families in society Family is a small part of the social structure but is key in linking individuals with other social institutions such as church, state, the economy and class systems Within the family the child is first socialized to serve the needs of society such as
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reading chart 1 - The family In western nations higher...

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