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reading chart 3 - Conservative explanation of the declining...

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Conservative explanation of the declining of the family Blame the 2 parent family saying that rising divorce, illegitimacy and father absence have put children at greater risk of school failure, unemployment and antisocial behavior. The remedy is to restore religious faith and family commitment Declining is due to cultural weakening including undermining sexual abstinence, changes in marriage law, Believes a visible cause of family erosion is government welfare payments to fatherless families and growth of single parent households. They also see a strong connection between erosion of the 2 parent family and the rise of social and health problems in children. Without parents to supervise children are left home to do whatever they want The solution to this breakdown in values is to revitalize and reinstitutionalize marriage. The culture should give higher priority to marriage and parenting -do this through pledges and prevention programs, fatherhood movement support groups for at home mothers, government cutbacks and cut back of benefits to young men and women who have children they can’t support. Liberal Explanation
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reading chart 3 - Conservative explanation of the declining...

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