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reading chart 4 - Reading 27 The weak economy When it...

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Reading 27 The weak economy: When it falters, families tremble. An economy that relies most heavily on its service sector needs highly skilled and educated workers to fill its better paying jobs Problems include a shift from manufacturing to the service sector, the restructuring of the corporate world and competition from low-wage workers in underdeveloped countries. The federal government has failed to help working class families and has actually sponsored a program that encourages companies to move to foreign lands with grants and insurance This has developed “contingent workers” who are disposable and work in low skill jobs Race and Discrimination in opportunity “The inequality of condition”. Fifteen years later were still paying: whites in fear, blacks in rage Virtually all whites today speak of racial justice and equality but find ways to resist the implementation of the belief when it seems to threaten their economic status Jefferson wrote about equality and liberty but thought of blacks as inferior. Living in a world that doesn’t judge you by your skin and feeling respect from the people around you makes a difference. The constant focus on failure of family has become a diversion from the economic and social realities that make the family life so difficult and often destroy it. Myths allow us to “know something” about somebody and are part of our heritage and offer guidance for public and private behavior. The inequality between black and whites isn’t about prejudice it’s about inferiority, class distinctions have nothing to do with privilege and it’s not the outcome that counts it’s the rules of the game. Outcome reinforces labels that wound the people first by the real problems in living and their internalization of the blame for their problems. Whenever
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reading chart 4 - Reading 27 The weak economy When it...

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