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scanning stm references

scanning stm references - memory.Cognitive Brain Research...

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References Atkinson, R. C.; Holmgren, J. E.; 7 Juola, J. F. (1969. Processing time as influenced by the number of elements in a visual display. Perception and Psychophysics, 6, 321-326 . Corballis, M. C., Kirby, J. & Miller, A. (1972). Access to elements of a memorized list. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 94(2), 185-190 . Rojas, D, Teale, P, Sheeder, J, & Reite, M. (2000). Neuromagnetic alpha suppression during an auditory sternberg task: evidence for a serial, self-terminating search pf short-term
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Unformatted text preview: memory.Cognitive Brain Research, 10, 85-89 . St. James, J ; Schneider, W ; & Eschman, A. . (2003) PsychMate: Experiments for teaching psychology. Student Guide (Version 2). Pittsburgh, PA: Psychology Software Tools . Sternberg, S. (1966). High-speed scanning in human memory. Science, 153, 652-654 . Szymura, B, & Jaqielski, M. (2007). Individual differences in the efficiency of short-term memory scanning. . Polish Psychological Bulletin, 32(2), 69-78 ....
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