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Peer Evaluations Your Name: Autumn Constance Please complete the following form for each of your team members and return it to me via email to ensure confidentiality. You must rate each team member on each quality based on a scale ranging from (1) never to (10) always Completed assigned tasks on time Put forth effort Helped the group Quality of work Other- Please specify Team Member’s Name: Libby Aldrich 9 9 8 Team Member’s Name: Danielle Kirt 6 6 5 Team Member’s Name: Team Member’s Name: Team Member’s Name: Comments: Please write any comments you have below. Be sure to specify which team member you are commenting about. Also, please feel free to identify the role you played and provide an
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Unformatted text preview: evaluation of your group work efforts and responsibilities. I found Danielle’s work ethic lacking. She brought her abstract late and complained about not being able to find resources and only provided 4 for the paper. She also failed to bring the majority of her section to the consultations and didn’t get her portion to me until Wednesday at midnight, this was before the deadline was pushed back. I also had to do quite a bit of rewriting and editing on her portion due to poor paragraph and sentence structure. Thanks! Have a great summer!...
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