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REL313 Christianity in Mt Pleasant Report and Poster

REL313 Christianity in Mt Pleasant Report and Poster -...

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REL 313: Christianity How to Complete the Christianity in Mt. Pleasant Report and Poster Value: 24% (2/3 Report, 1/3 Poster) Purpose: To experience and analyze the sacred space and worship practices of a Christianity not our own; to develop an appreciation of the diversity of Christianities even within so relatively small a place as Mount Pleasant; to create an oral history of Christianity in the area; to report on this material to our colleagues. Format: Report: About six pages (not counting Works Cited, if any), double-spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman (or similar) font, 12 point. Poster: Standard presentation poster-board (c. 20” x 30”). You may incorporate any appropriate graphic material: photos, sketches, materials from church pamphlets or newsletters, rough floor-plans, etc. into this poster. Basic instructions: Make an appointment to visit the church * to which you were assigned. Visit the church as a pair . Attend at least part of a worship service, take a tour of the physical space, and conduct an interview with a church leader or spokesperson. Write up the report and create the poster. Detailed instructions: In the report, explore the four issues below in written form. The poster condenses the more interesting or important of this information into presentation form, together with graphic elements of your choosing. 1. Oral History: What is the history of this particular church (not the denomination, but this church building and the associated community here in Mt. Pleasant)? 2. Sacred Space: What does the worship space (sanctuary, nave, meeting hall—terminology will vary) feel like? By what symbolic, aesthetic, musical, or architectural means are you made to feel how you feel? Draw on your discussion with a church leader, but feel free to record and
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