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REL313 S11 Christianity Key Terms for Test 3 (Transitions and Global Christianity Test Structure: Because we voted to have one bigger test rather than two small tests, this 3 rd test is worth 20% and is somewhat longer than the first two. It covers material from after Spring Break. I. Choose 8 (out of 11) key-term definition questions. 2 points each: 16 points total in section. Provide brief, 1-2 sentence answers, offering concise definition and some context, contrast, or relationship of the key-term to other course-concepts. II. Choose 2 (out of 3) short-answer questions based on material covered in lectures. 5 points each: 10 points in this section. In about one paragraph (1/4 – 1/2 page), answer these more complex questions. III. Choose 1 (out of 1) short-answer question based on readings. 5 points. In about one paragraph (1/4 – 1/2 page), answer this question. It will be based on material from David Smilde’s Reason to Believe , chapter 3 (pp. 55-76). Weeks 10-11: Traditional Christianity (313-1600)
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