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Stress Table 3 - didn’t care Removed myself from the...

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NAME:_Autumn Constance __ Stress Table for Week __3___________ Date/Time Type of Stressor Source of Stress Reaction to Stressor (Physical, Behavioral, Psychological) Coping Response and Effectiveness 2/8/11 Task Couldn’t find a parking spot, meter ate one of my coins, then my professor didn’t even show for class Physical- anxiety Behavioral- was super annoyed with the entire situation and was in a poor mood for most of the day Went to the gym and went swimming/ Effective 2/9/11 Environmental Fighting with room mates about behavior happening in the house that was unhealthy Psychological- crying, feeling like they
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Unformatted text preview: didn’t care Removed myself from the situation and moved up to my parents house/ very effective 2/13/11 Physical Spent most of the night in the Emergency room due to pregnancy complications Psychological- crying, anxiety, doubt Went home and took a bubble bath/slightly effective 2/14/11 Challenge, Physical, Role Miscarried my baby Psychological-crying, anxiety Physical- fever, chills, shaking, horrible pains Happy Valentines Day. Note: Type of stressor = Task, Role, Social, Environmental, Physical, etc. Source of stressor = what initiated the stress response?...
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