Study Guide HSC 526 final

Study Guide HSC 526 final - Act like a child Effective goal...

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Study Guide-HSC 526 Final Exam Understand these terms, definitions or complete the sentence: Obstacles to growth Personal growth Service to others can Moral hypocrisy Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Higher levels of learning retention include Pet health What will change in society as people live longer? Humans tend to be more optimistic than pessimistic Goals of mediation How we can become captives of the past Experts Finding personal assets Affirmation Types of commitment Siegelman (1983) found that the preaction stages were generally the Successful risking includes Active coping includes Socrates was very wise because Burnout Less is more concept in the book by Sam Keen
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Unformatted text preview: Act like a child Effective goal setting requires Steps in goal setting Sections of the “Hierarchy of Needs” Ken Wilber’s statement Steps of active coping Obstacles as insoluble problems to be outgrown are Anxiety When we are depress or in despair etc. Personal growth Norman Cousin felt that Neither we nor those who inspire us will etc. Role models Educational values have shown etc. Studies have shown that tow out of every three etc. Carl Rogers The first self-help group in America was Potentiality Value & Value Clash Exercise your brain Gender gap Creativity Researchers have found the healthiest people are Self-Actualization...
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Study Guide HSC 526 final - Act like a child Effective goal...

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