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175 Lecture Notes - POL 175 Lecture Notes Discovery Push...

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Discovery Push vs. Demand Pull -Both explain innovations but differ in origins Demand pull: societal wants Discovery push: advance of science -Knowledge for those discoveries also differs Demand pull: applies, extends or combines existing knowledge in new ways. Discovery push: requires advance of scientific theory -Inability to direct theoretical advances for discovery push -historical origins for U.S. public support for science -extraordinary threats -national security and war -farmers -watershed: world war II Scientific advances: radar, invention of antibiotics, tracking of diseases, code cracking, bombs Vannevar Bush’s “Endless Frontier” Human Factors Research: convey information in real time- people will pay attention, react and respond. -Traditional legislation- Kilgore’s bill -support for basic and apllied -geographic equity in allocating funds -government holds patents -Vannevar Bush’s bill- discovery push -basic research drives innovation -scientists rank proposals -success depends on continued public support. Other institutions don’t wait. Bottom Up: how members of congress bring attention to a problem they want fixed Top Down: how topics are organized at most global level, then add specificity (approach he urges) Two explanations of policy making Explanation of scientific community and how it’s funded Distributive approach- explanation that applies to almost any policy area (particularly science and technology). Look at incentives available under our system of government. Think about where the desire would begin to get gov support beginning with interest groups, then coalition as a whole. Gov’t program built around weapon system, solving threats to public health, flood control problems…each has something govt has to offer. Access to resources and a mechanism.
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175 Lecture Notes - POL 175 Lecture Notes Discovery Push...

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