Class 1 - Net gain or(loss INCOME has nothing to do with...

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Banker Secrets…. How do you avoid being rejected for a personal loan? - Keep your debt payments under 15% of your disposable income Financial Statements Income and Expense statements - Income: wages, child support Retirement – pension, ss, personal funds Assistance – unemployment, workman’s comp, disability, WIC, veteran’s benefits, SS (non pension) Expenses: Fixed - Usually paid in the same amount each time period, often contractual (difficult to reduce & need to be paid even if you lose your job) - scheduled payments Loan payments Insurance premiums Rent Variable – controllable expenses that usually occur in the short run (individual has control) Food Clothes Entertainment Household supplies Disposable (NET) income or Discretionary Income? Gross income - TAX _______________ Net income Disposable Income (at my disposal pay my bills) Discretionary Income (to save, spend or invest)
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Unformatted text preview: Net gain or (loss) INCOME has nothing to do with WEALTH. Net Worth Statement Asset Monetary (liquid) Tangible (physical) Investment (Capital) Liabilities Short term Long term NET worth positive or (negative) Assets Monetary/Liquid-Easily/readily converted to cash with no loss in market value or penalty-Maintenance of living expenses Cash Checks Tangible Assets/Lifestyle-Contributes to a particular quality of life-Maintenance of one’s lifestyle-Generally depreciates over time Houses Appliances Furniture Auto Tools Jewels Investment Assets/Capital Assets- Provides additional income- May increase over time- Generally appreciates Fair Market Value What any given buyer will give any given seller on any given day . Short term liability: less than one year to pay off Long term liability: more than one year to pay off...
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Class 1 - Net gain or(loss INCOME has nothing to do with...

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