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Class 2 - -Lenders-Changes needed to reach GOALS Consumer...

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Budget (Map or Monitoring Tool) Budget Issues - Value Differences - Unrealistic Goals - Emotional issues - Unplanned Events - Communication Goal statements Amount: By when? For what (or why)? Managing Disposable Income Must Haves – 50 % House Transportation Food Wants – 30 % Cable Spring Break Trip Magazine Latte’ Savings - 20% Traditional Savings Additional payments Why do we compute these financial statements? - Living within our means
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Unformatted text preview: -Lenders-Changes needed to reach GOALS Consumer Expenditure Survey-Income-Size and type Consumer Price Index www.bls.com-Changes in prices of a market basket of goods and services Used in Adjusting:-Income payments-Social Security-Child support-Food Stamps-School lunches-COLA Application of net worth-Net worth = $1 million-Frugal Rule # 1 Count your money Rule # 2 Get organized...
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