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Class 21 - Men vs Women Nothing clean to wear Nothing new...

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Men vs. Women - Nothing clean to wear - Nothing new to wear - We need a solution o Mr. Fix It - We need to talk o Empathy - Shopping o Sprint - Shopping o Marathon Money - 80% of your life is spent making or spending money - Money is an emotional-laden thing - Money stress and strain predict marital distress and dissolution - Disputes over money are said to be one of the top reasons for divorce Men, Women & Money - Are men and women from different financial planets? o Responsibilities divided along traditional gender lines Women – everyday affairs and household budget Men – large purchases and investing - Working wives make over 1/3 of the family income - In a third of those families wives make more money than husbands - Male identity? o Highly correlates to their self concept Living on Love and Money - Pre-marriage: Explore your financial past - Ask questions o Debt? o Student loans? o Fixed expenses? Car payments, mortgage, rent, child support, etc o Level of income Types or sources of income o Financial trouble?
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  • Fall '10
  • Boyce
  • traditional gender lines, Net Worth Statement, average wedding cost, different financial planets, dual earning household

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