Chapter 15 - FCE 225 Chapter 15: Middle Adulthood- Physical...

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FCE 225 Chapter 15: Middle Adulthood- Physical and Cognitive Development Redefining Middle age -Life expectancy of Americans now is at least 77 years Women: Average life expectancy is 80 years Men: average life expectancy is 75 years Statistically midlife falls around age 39 Changes in Vision Presbyopia: normal condition in which the lens of the eye starts to harden, losing its ability to accommodate as quickly as it did in youth -Can lead to headaches or tired eyes when doing close work Vision Glaucoma: increased pressure caused by fluid buildup in the eye Cataracts: clouding of the lens, typically occurs in 30-50% of people over 65 Floaters: annoying floating spots; particles suspended in the gel-like fluid of the eyeball that generally Dry eye: stems from diminished tear production Macular degeneration: thinning of the layers of the retina - First sign is faded, distorted or blurred central vision - May be related to smoking - Leading cause of blindness in people over 50 years of age Hearing Prebycusis: age-related decline in the ability to hear high-pitched sounds such as in speech -High-pitched notes Cochlear damage due to prolonged exposure to loud noises: noise-induced hearing loss Taste and Smell Reduction of taste buds -Taste buds regenerate every 10 days until age 40 when the process slows Decline in sense of smell after age 50 -Smell receptors start to deteriorate Appearance Periodontal disease: loss of teeth Skin becomes dryer, thinner and less elastic Skin cancers: basal-cell carcinoma and melanoma Hair color, loss of hair Body Composition Muscles begin to atrophy
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Chapter 15 - FCE 225 Chapter 15: Middle Adulthood- Physical...

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