Chapter 18 - FCE 225 Chapter 18 Late Adulthood Emotional...

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FCE 225 Chapter 18: Late Adulthood – Emotional and Social Development Social Responses to Aging Worldwide, the fastest-growing segment of the population is adults over 80 By 2030 it is estimated nearly 20% of the U.S. population will be over 65 The population 85 and older could reach 25 million by 2050 False Stereotypes Linger because… Old age is: The last stage before death; no one wants to talk about mortality Is undefined: few rotes of passage not all are married grandparents or retired Positive and Negative Attitudes Factors for Positive Affect: -Social relationships -Reading and following news -Extraverted personality -Definite beliefs and disbeliefs -Living with others Factors for Negative Affect: -Neuroticism -Having major illness -Money problems -Living alone or feeling lonely Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Integrity VS Despair -Individuals recognize that they are reaching the end of life; if they can take satisfaction in having led a successful life, they will experience integrity -If they feel life has been wasted, they may experience a sense of despair Ego-Integrity Feel whole, complete, satisfied with achievement Serenity and contentment Associated with psychosocial maturity Despair Feel many decisions were wrong, but now time is too short Bitter and un-accepting of coming death Expressed as anger and contempt for others
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Chapter 18 - FCE 225 Chapter 18 Late Adulthood Emotional...

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