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Christopher Webb CMCL 392: Media Genres Professor Segal November 28, 2011 The "garage cinema," according to Davis, is something like garage bands to punk rock and how it’s amateur but somewhat still vibrant and creative. According to Jenkins, “garage cinema” happened by the changes in technology and how it merged “independent video producers and home video makers into a broad and active market sector.(2)” It was sort of a at home production and “do it yourself” genre that revitalized amateur creativity and social position. Jenkins somewhat believed “garage cinema” evolved amateur video and forced their content to be commercialized, in part by the social gathering that it possessed, making it a “New New Hollywood.(3)” Their 'zine counterparts celebrated the everyperson in the world in a world of celebrity and “rejecting the corporate dream of atomized population(4)”, according to Duncombe (via Jenkins). Some of the "cultural practices of the cyberculture of the 1960s" were
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