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KNH 329 EXAM 2 Notes - KNH 329 EXAM 2 Notes Chapter 4...

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KNH 329 EXAM 2 Notes Chapter 4 Stress Definition of Stress: The body’s nonspecific response to any demand made on it. --Any stimulus that causes stress is called a stressor. --There are both beneficial stress (eustress) and non-beneficial stress (distress). Stressor (2 types) 1. Acute Stressor —A stressor of short-term duration (generally less than 3 months). 2. Chronic Stressor —Stressors of long term duration Stress Response —Changes that occur to help people cope with the stressor. Major causes of Stress -- Life Changes —Major changes that disrupt our lives -- Frustrations —Blocked goals -- Internal Conflicts —A negative emotion state caused by having to choose between two or more incompatible goals. 1. Approach-Approach conflict —competitive alternatives are equally positive, choosing between two good options. 2. Avoidance-Avoidance conflict —competitive alternatives are equally unpleasant, choosing between two bad options. 3. Approach-Avoidance conflict —Course of action has both positive and negative aspects. -- Perceived control **Learned helplessness (battered wives syndrome)—doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t control situation/escape, so you give up. **Predictability —Pop quizzes are bad, do not measure performance better than scheduled because anxiety is higher than normal all the time, and this causes worse performance. **Context —Classroom teaching to college students vs. teachers mother in the back of the class, context changes even a little bit and stress level changes. -- Work-related factors **Environmental factors (lighting, noise, crowding) **Job-related factors (workload, deadlines) **Personality factors **Burnout How is Stress measured? --Life events scale **Positive and negative events **Is missing perception (somethings don’t stress some people out) **Is missing items of chronic stressors
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--Life’s Hassles **Daily hassles—little problems of daily living that are not significant in themselves but that they accumulate. **Interruptions 2.15.2011 Measuring Stress n Life’s Hassles **Daily hassles: little problems of daily living that are not significant in themselves but that they accumulate ** Interruptions n Perceived stress scale o Smile and laugh n Physiological measures Stress influencing Health n General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) o Bodies reaction to stressful events o Release steroids and adrenaline § Fight or Flight: helps man defend himself, healthy in small doses § Exposes to continuous stressors allows heightened state to stay too long § Can create High blood pressure, tense muscles, weakened immune system o 10 Steps for easing life stress B and C vitamins and magnesium ease stress symptoms by helping the brain produce serotonin Diet: Zinc and Vitamin B-complex help lower stress levels Veggies, Fruits, Almonds, Fish, and whole grains Supplements also can combat stress Take small breaks throughout the day: this too shall pass Lu 1: use self-acupressure to help you relax, below first rib gets
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KNH 329 EXAM 2 Notes - KNH 329 EXAM 2 Notes Chapter 4...

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