KNH329EX3 - EXAM 3 SMOKING 1. Current estimates of smoking...

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Unformatted text preview: EXAM 3 SMOKING 1. Current estimates of smoking rates (9 cigarettes a day on average to be a smoker) a. Ohio = 23.1% (CDC, 2008) b. The data show that Ohio men continued to smoke more than women at a rate of 24.2% versus 22.1% for women c. KY is one of the highest30% of adults, WV #3 with 27%, Indiana 25% d. According to the 2008 CDC report, the states with the highest adult prevalence were Ohios neighbors. 2. 15% of Miami students say they are a smoker a. How many cigarettes per day do you normally have when you are smoking? a.i. Mean = .99, 76.7% said zero b. During the last 30 days what is the highest number of cigarettes you smoke on one occasion? b.i. Mean = 2.2m 71.9% said zero c. During the past 7 days, how many cigarettes did you smoke on a typical day? c.i. Mean = .7, 84.3% said zero 3. Statistics a. Most smokers pick up smoking before 21 b. 30% of high school sophomores have smoked a cigarette in the past 30 days 4. Why do people start smoking? a. New identity b. Seen to be glamorous c. Exposure (movies, music) d. Weight concerns e. Modeling/peer pressure 5. What factors lead to continued smoking? a. AddictionA condition in which a person has a physical and psychological dependence on a given substance. b. ToleranceThe situation in which peoples bodies no longer respond at the same level to a particular doses of a given substance. But rather they need larger and larger doses to experience the same effects. 6. Does nicotine use through smoking meet diagnostic criteria for addiction? a. A strong desire to take the drug....
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KNH329EX3 - EXAM 3 SMOKING 1. Current estimates of smoking...

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