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DYING TO BE THIN 15% below ideal weight for height = anorexic Anorexia Nervosa—Deadliest of all psychiatric disorders (highest death rate) .5% of people with anorexia die every year of malnutrition and complications In 20 years—10% of people with anorexia will die Prolonged malnutrition causes: --Dangerously low blood pressure --Severe osteoporosis --Kidney and liver damage --Heart failure Karen Carpenter died at age of 32 of heart failure from anorexia Anorexia increases in the US by 36% every 5 years since the 1950’s 8 million people suffer from anorexia/bulimia today Women 18-24 most vulnerable Fashion models—body weight 25% less than average American women (140 lbs) Today, 3/100 girls will develop either anorexia or bulimia Anorexics/bulimics tend to be obsessively perfectionist, worry about consequences of behavior
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Unformatted text preview: (dont want to do things wrong), controlled High rate of eating disorders in families, 7% of family members have anorexia, 5-7% have some other variant of eating disorders High levels of Serotonin in anorexic people brains, reduces appetite and obsessive/anxious behavior--Dieting/starvation may be a way to reduce Serotonin to reduce anxiety Anorexia one of the most difficult psychiatric diseases to treat, 50% of patients relapse within first year.--Group and individual therapy crucial Bulimia--Most people who develop around 18 yrs old, and normal weight--Prozac helps many bulimic patients to help regulate mood and help their purging--Most people also benefit from psychotherapy, CBT--50% of people who receive treatment are cured...
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