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NOTES FROM READING CHAPTER 10 --Chronic conditions now cause 8/10 deaths in the US --As many as 85% of all cases of cancer are caused by behaviors, like smoking, drinking, tanning Chronic Conditions --Multiple causes --Slow onset (disease increases over time) --Chronic conditions can only be managed, not cured --Children with chronic illnesses often have academic problems, social problems, psychological problems. Because women live longer, they are more likely to develop chronic conditions Consequences of having chronic illness? --Physical problems --Social problems --Psychological problems Having a child with a chronic illness has a major impact on marital interaction --Less time engaging in recreational activities --Increase conflict regarding child-rearing practices and decreased positive daily interactions, but did not lead to decreased marital satisfaction or depression. How do illness factors influence how people manage having a chronic illness? Illness Intrusiveness --Major changes in lifestyle in order to avoid exacerbating their conditions. --Complex behaviors to monitor conditions/manage treatment regiments (diabetes, monitor blood glucose) Types of Coping --Problem Focused Coping—focus directly on dealing with the source of tress, often helpful
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notesreading - NOTES FROM READING CHAPTER 10 -Chronic...

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