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ENG111 self inquiry draft2

ENG111 self inquiry draft2 - Megan Wauschek Self Inquiry Mr...

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Megan Wauschek Self Inquiry Mr. Simoneaux September 10, 2010 % In this paper I hoped to accomplish a narrative that is successful in showing my knowledge of rhetoric and also my successfulness in using it. I hoped to prove that when asking my parents something that I think of as significant, although at first it may not seem that it is thought out, I do carefully plan out all the steps. Who to ask and what to say to appeal to their ethos, logos and pathos as well as my timing in executing these steps are all thing h have to take into great consideration. I believe that I did this effectively in my paper. Though this particular situation has only happened once, in writing this paper, I can definitely look back and recall many more times when very similar situations and considerations have taken place between me and my parents. Beer Olympics This past summer I turned 21 and I wanted to have a lot of fun with my friends. Unfortunately, most of my friends are younger than me, making them not quite the legal age to buy or consume alcohol in the Unite States. Seeing as it probably would not have been much fun to go out to bars to drink by myself on my birthday, me and my friend Marybeth decided that it would be fun to hold a “Beer Olympics” amongst friends in my
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backyard. We spent awhile planning (deciding on who to invite, sending facebook “event invitations” and choosing games) . Then it finally dawned on me that it is summer and I
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