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Megan Wauschek ENG 111 December 1, 2010 Cover letter My topic is important because education is important. Education helps the youth learn what they need to become adults in this country and the world. It is important, especially today with so many schools failing and education in public schools constantly being put under attack that people look for solutions and are aware of what is happening in education in the United States. Research is being done and debates and protests are being held all in hopes to find some “solution” that will better our public schools. People should care about my topic because in order to make sure the students of today will be able to contribute to and live in our country and world we need to make sure they are well educated. The audience of my paper would include the stakeholders mentioned in my paper. Also the people in positions higher up positions in government who work with education. A big audience for my paper would be anyone who is able to make a difference in public
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