ENG226 conflict

ENG226 conflict - Megan Wauschek Conflict Assignment...

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Unformatted text preview: Megan Wauschek Conflict Assignment January 20, 2010 Vinny was right, there really was no hope. Vincent Flannery was different. He didnt belong here, and he knew it. None of us did, really. He was just the only one with enough balls to flaunt it. His dad died when he was real young and ever since then he acted out. In small ways, at first. When his mom got re-married, though, he moved on to the big time stuff. Big time for Strongsville, Iowa anyway. Cherry bombs in the faculty bathrooms in high school, stealing from Joes Hardware, even taking our principal, Mr. Goulds, car out for a joy ride May of our senior year. That was all for show though. He never wanted to end up here. As for me, I was the good kid. I liked to think that I would have been a little more of a rebel, had Vinny not taken all the leeway he possibly could in that department. Since we were six me and Vinny have been inseparable. So when Vinnys step-dad forced him into the army, I was right behind him signing up. I didnt have anything better to do anyway. Maybe it would be an adventure? I dont know exactly what I was thinking that July morning when I registered, or boarding the bus that day in September, other than that I was simply doing what Ive always done, following Vinny. This time it was different though. Hes taking it too far. always done, following Vinny....
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ENG226 conflict - Megan Wauschek Conflict Assignment...

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