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ENG226 hate my job - For food to drunks will not go out of...

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Megan Wauschek April 14, 2010 I Hate My Job You dread it from the moment you wake up Five to ten, time to park the car and walk Punch in those numbers like an old trained pup, Dishes would get more clean with an old sock. The chime it signals people to attend You swipe the cards but not without a smile, Grill then serve this will never seem to end
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Unformatted text preview: For food to drunks will not go out of style. Counting down the minutes, hours, seconds Just mop and chop and scrub to stay awake Of course a task done wrong the boss beckons No best of this instance you have to make The clock strikes four! This hell’s no more you said Clocking out feels almost as good as bed....
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